Custom Surfboard Order

On this project the main problem was how to do the must effective and versatile visual solution to create custom surfboard orders online.

Surfboards are complex and have a lot of variables like outline, width, heigth and tail shape just to name a few.

Mixing those variables can easily reach dozens of different combinations, and each surfboard brands has several models.

One of the possible ways to solve the problem was to do a bitmap based solution which would be quite heavy, and it´s not versatile.

I already had some background manipulating SVG graphics, so I thought it would be cool to do something with vectors, which are very light and versatile.

I solved the problem to create perfect surfboard graphics using SVG.

I did all the development and also some user experience improvements.

The solution was done with javascript using jquery and snap svg library, and the part of exporting images for download and share on facebook uses PHP to create the bitmaps from SVG´s using html5 canvas, with the help of the canvg library.

The outlines are real outlines from the surfboard shape and are served via API.

It works on desktop and mobile devices.

Currently is used in some of the biggest surfboard brands of the world, like:

Chilli Surfboards

JR Surfboards